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Bögtåget leaves a footprint in international press

Bögtåget leaves a footprint in international press

The controversial performance ”The Fag Train” (Bögtåget) left quite a footprint in international press. Read the full reviews here.

”The anonymous letter to the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra initially praised the great setting and fine wine served during the show, but went on to say the performance had made the sender ’want to vomit’, and that the orchestra was “hopping aboard the fag train”. The writer said they would cancel their membership at the concert hall.”
– The Guardian

”The writer said the performance made them ’want to vomit’ and that the orchestra was ’hopping on the fag train.’ In response, composer Fredrik Österling and out tenor Rickard Söderberg decided to pen a cantata titled “The Fag Train” (Bögtåget).”
– Washington Blade


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